The Essex Genealogist, Volume 11, 1991

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The Essex Genealogist, Volume 11, 1991 - Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc. Feature Articles: "The Rage for Roots," "A Register of the Church Members and Baptisms & Marriages of the Methodist Episcopal Church in South Street, Lynn, Mass." Research in Progress: Henry Collins, Peter Twiss, Ramsdell family, Stocker family, Tilton family, Thaddeus Riddan, Richard Johnson, James Bamford, Breed family, Daniel & Joseph Hitchings, Timothy Cooper, Henry Hallowell. It Happened in Essex Co.: "The Steeple Went Down [East Saugus Community Methodist Church]," "Genealogy in (East) Germany," "The Friend's Burying Ground," "Pinkham and Eddy: Lynn's Dynamic Discoverers," "Beating the Devil [Witch Trials' Tercentenary]," "In the Mood in 1941," "Who Was William Pote?" Other family names featured: Hoole, (Crosby) Wyman, Dotts, Clough, Cargill, Geer, Turner, Brown, Benighton-Bonython, Wilson, Hunt, Flanders, Marston. (1991) reprint, 8½x11, new index, illus., 298 pp.

ISBN: 0788405977