Edgefield County, South Carolina Abstracts of Deed Book 1-12, 1786-1796

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Edgefield County, South Carolina Abstracts of Deed Book 1-12, 1786-1796.

Ge Lee Corley Hendrix.  2001.  

These records are unique because the frontiersman, who settled in this geographical location (next to Indians lands), seldom had the opportunity to record his legal records until the end of the American Revolution when county courthouses were established. Therefore, many of the early deeds contain chains of titles from the original colonial land owner to the present owner at the time of the recording. They also contain many types of instructions, such as conveyances of land, marriage contracts, wills, sheriff’s sales, deeds of gifts, plats or surveys (a facsimile of same is included in these abstracts), bills of sale, mortgages, affidavits, powers of attorney, slave sales and others. The deeds often reveal additional information, such as geographical locations, residence, adjoining neighbors, occupation, and heirships as widows, sons, daughters and their husbands, brothers, sisters, and uncles and sometimes the death date of the former property owner.  An appendix section of South Carolina Colonial and State Land and Probate Laws is included to aid the student of genealogy and history.