Quaker Records of Henrico Monthly Meeting and other Church Records of Henrico, New Kent and Charles City Counties, Virginia


This book primarily covers the Quaker records of Henrico Monthly Meeting. At one time or another, the Henrico Monthly Meeting included the counties of Henrico, New Kent, Hanover, Caroline, Louisa, Goochland, Prince George, Dinwiddie, Amelia, Chesterfield, York, James City, Charles City, and Mecklenburg. It has been called Henrico, Curles, New Kent, Upper, Upland, White Oak Swamp, and Wayn Oak (or Weyanoke) Monthly Meeting. This meeting was initially established as Curles prior to 1699, when its records begin. A few (14) pages are devoted to the surviving records of the Vestry Book of St. John’s Church, marriages of Henrico Court records, marriages by Rev. John Buchanan, early tombstone inscriptions of St. Johns Churchyard, and the Boar Swamp Baptist Church of Antioch. Most of the book consists of abstracts of the minutes and register of Henrico Monthly Meeting. Covered are marriages, births, some deaths, removals, violations of Quaker discipline, sufferings (confiscation of property) and other activities. Period covered: late 1600s through 1800.

F. Edward Wright

(2002), 2012, index, 134 pp.