Heirs and Orphans: Anne Arundel County Distributions 1788-1838


Heirs and Orphans “consists of abstracts of the first four volumes of the Distributions of the personal estates of Anne Arundel County intestates: JG#1 (1788–1798), JG#2 (1803–1811), JG#3 (1812–1820), and TH#1 (1820–1838). “When a Marylander failed to leave a will, the pertinent county stepped in to insure that his real property was divided as equitably as possible. Such divisions were by fractional proportions, which are useful to the genealogist in determining family relationships.” This volume provides clues to relationships; it includes heirs and sureties, and gives fractional parts of estates.

Walter E. Arps, Jr.

(1985), 2011, 5½x8½,  paper, index, 138 pp.

ISBN: 9781585490868