Vital Records of Londonderry, New Hampshire


A Full and Accurate Transcript of the Births, Marriage Intentions, Marriages and Deaths in this Town from the Earliest Date to 1910; Compiled from the Town Books, Church Records, Family Records, Graveyard Inscriptions and Other Sources, by Daniel Gage Annis. The Subject Matter Edited, with Introduction, Sketches and Annotations by George Waldo Browne

In April 1719, a small band of Scotch-Irish settlers under the guiding spirit of Rev. James MacGregor founded the town of Londonderry in New Hampshire, which was destined to be an early Presbyterian stronghold in America. The keeping of vital records in Londonderry commenced almost at once. Years later, when the town voted to fund the printing of these vital records for the period from 1719 to 1910, there were approximately 25,000 records of births, marriages, marriage intentions and deaths. Compiled by the former town clerk and tax collector, Daniel Annis, the records are given here in alphabetical order under those four main headings: Births, Marriage Intentions, Marriages, and Deaths. In addition to the vital records, this work includes a portrait of Gen. George Reid; Certificates of Town Clerk and Compiler; Coat of Arms of Campbell, Duke of Argyle; brief biographical sketches of Daniel Gage Annis and Gen. George Reid; The Romance of “Ocean Mary;” and Ancestors of the Colonists of Londonderry.

Daniel Gage Annis; George Waldo Browne, editor

(1914, 1989), 2023, 5½x8½, paper, 328 pp.

ISBN: 9781556132032