The Narragansett Historical Register, Volume 5


A Magazine Devoted to the Antiquities, Genealogy and Historical Matter Illustrating the History of the Narragansett Country, or Southern Rhode Island. A Record of Measures and of Men for Twelve Full Score Years and Ten.

The object and aim of this "magazine" (originally published in 1882-3) was to collect into one publication the history of the Narragansett Country, or Southern Rhode Island, and preserve all information of any historical value. This work was intended to be a repository of facts and a work of reference for today’s historians. The subjects presented are concise and brief, yet chained together with such skill that presents the subject in a plain and interesting manner to the attention of the reader. Town Records, leaders, Narragansett Indians (King Philip’s War), various Christian churches and denominations, poets and poetry, cemeteries, soldiers, natural history, events and incidents, early settlers, extracts from old diaries, origin of names and words, lectures and essays, amusing anecdotes, genealogical and biographical sketches, notes, and papers can be found here. An index to names, places and subjects enhances this work.

James N. Arnold, Editor

(1884-5) reprint, paper, index, illus., 368 pp.

ISBN: 9780788405105