Montgomery County, Maryland Deed Books: Libers O-P-Q Abstracts, 1808-1813


This volume presents abstracts taken from Montgomery County, Maryland, Deed Books: Liber O, Liber P, and Liber Q, 1808–1813. In these abstracts you may find interesting aspects of your ancestors’ lives. Entries generally contain the full name of the person recording the item and the date, the full name(s) of the seller(s) and the purchaser(s) involved in the sale, the sold amount, and a description of the item sold. Descriptions for land typically include location and number of acres. Descriptions for property typically include a list of items sold. Descriptions for slaves typically include the name and age of the slave. Entries offer varying amounts of additional information as available. The deed books contain many non-land items, including information about slave sales and manumissions, as well as mortgages of both real and personal (chattel) property. Occasionally, other documents are also recorded, such as bills of sale, which often contain the names of family members.

This volume will be of particular interest to anyone researching African American family history because of the large number of manumissions in the early 1800s, especially among Quaker and Methodist families. An index to “Exceptional items”, an index to full-names, an index to place names, and an index to land tract names add to the value of this work.

Patricia Abelard Andersen

2021, 8½x11, paper, index, 184 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407581