Hunter Sutherland's Slave Manumissions and Sales in Harford County, Maryland, 1775-1865


Finding little in print of manumission records, Hunter C. Sutherland set about to collect what information he could from the extant historical records of Harford County including wills, property inventories and military records. The information in this book is based on data from more than five hundred documents, representing about 2,000 manumissions. Manumission records include the date of the manumission, last name, first name and the transaction details. Sales records include the date of sale, the seller's first and last name, buyer's first and last name, price, and the transaction details. The first index has fullnames of the sellers, buyers and manumitters; the second lists slaves by surname, while the third lists slaves without surnames.


Carolyn Greenfield Adams 


(1999), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 144 pp.

ISBN: 9780788411441