Genealogy and Surnames: With Some Heraldic and Biographical Notices

“My researches, it will be seen, have not been confined to English or Scottish surnames, but, in many instances, foreign names are included, as similar in meaning to those with which they are connected in the following pages. The heraldic notices introduced will, perhaps, be considered not out of place, as tending to give fresh interest to the family names to which they respectively belong.” This book, filled with curious and interesting information, would be an asset to any genealogical library. The origins, significance, and derivations of family names are grouped by: striking personal qualities, hair color, and complexion; animals; "weapons and insignia of war, such as Sword, Steel, Arrow, Armour"; trades, offices, and occupations; prefixes and diminutives to distinguish different individuals in the same family; plants, trees, water and rivers; countries, towns and lands; and miscellaneous. A section on name changes touches on the variety of reasons and complications that attend changes. A separate chapter devoted to nomenclature in Scotland includes tables of common surnames and Christian names. Armorial illustrations and an index that includes surnames and proper names enhance this work.
William Anderson

ISBN: 9780788412776