Abstractions of Exemptions from Military Service and etc., 1862-1863, a Record of Halifax County Court House, Halifax, Virginia


Includes two facsimile pages from the original Minute Book and contains the name of the applicant, his rank, his captain’s name, the reason for the application, and the judgement of the Board. The entries are arranged by the page number of the original book and in the same order as they appear in the original book. Abstractions sometimes give the age, occupation, or family relationships of those making the application. In addition to the Minutes of the Board, the book contains from the original Records the names of 1865 county road surveyors, with the list of property owners who were assigned to provide hands in assisting with the surveys of particular areas of the county. These minutes of the Exemption Board also provide a rather comprehensive list of county physicians and justices of the peace. The index contains over 600 entries. Also given are the reasons for the applicant’s requesting exemption or discharge, and a list of the captains or the militia in the county by regiment, according to their appearances in the Minutes.

Mary Leigh Boisseau

1980, 6x9, paper, index, 85 pp.