Vestry Book of Camden Parish, 1767-1820, Pittsylvania County, Virginia


A transcription of the original manuscript found at the Pittsylvania Court House in Chatham, Virginia. The book contains a proper name index for places, waterways, buildings, and people. After the Revolutionary War, with the abolition of the Church of England, the Vestry ceased using the book for its minutes. Then, the Overseers of the Poor used the book to record its minutes. This book will be valuable to historians as well as to genealogists as one is able to trace the value of tobacco and the population of the area through the Church levies. For genealogists, there are some apprentice bonds for orphans, some of the early churches and the care of the pensioners of the parish through the Orders of the various Vestrymen.


Mary Leigh Boisseau


1986, 8½x11, paper, comb binding, index, 189 pp.