A Boggs/Garringer Family History


This work covers the family and ancestors of Samuel Plummer Boggs (1893–1965) and his wife Hilda Irene Garringer (1898–1983), residents of Randolph County, Indiana, and the grandparents of the author. The Boggs family is of Scotch-Irish ancestry and arrived in America in 1724. Boggs descendants were early settlers in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia) where the family stayed for over a century.

Families associated with the Boggs family were the Kincaid, Knight, Carder, McClung and McMillion families, many of which were also of Scotch-Irish ancestry. The Garringer family has been traced back to Germany, and migrated to America before 1770. The Garringers lived in Maryland, Virginia and Ohio before settling in Randolph County. Families associated with Garringers are the Hammer(s), Boots, Harbour, Collins, Finch, Grove and Morris families. Migration routes illustrate the movement of the families from Pennsylvania and Virginia to West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.

Lists are presented for the Boggs, Garringer, Hammer(s), Collins, Grove and Kincaid families. The text is enhanced by thirty-seven photographs, a list of abbreviations, a bibliography and an index of full names.

David Vern Addington

(2001), 2016, paper, 5½x8½, index, 310 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417252