The Bunnell/Bonnell Family in America, Second Edition


William Bunnell of Massachusetts Bay and New Haven Colonies, Comprising Full Accounts of the First Six Generations, Vital Records of the Seventh Generation, and the Names and Relationships of the Eighth Generation


The majority of Bunnells and Bonnells in America are descendants of William Bunnell, the immigrant whose history is covered in the first generation herein. The earliest record in which William Bunnell appears is dated 1630, when he served on a jury at Watertown, Massachusetts. This work traces his descendants up to the early 1900s. Beginning with a lively discussion of the family name, the author describes how he has found seventy variations in spelling. He then relates how certain evidence proves that William came from England, even though the exact location has never been pinpointed. This compilation comes from various sources, including data collected from correspondence with more than 600 persons with Bunnell/Bonnell connections. The immense source list includes cemetery inscriptions, census records, military rolls, DAR lineage books, town and county histories, deeds, mortgages, tax lists, church records, pension records, marriage records, and more. The author has assigned his own numbering system and also includes numbers assigned by two other researchers for the benefit of those who have or use their material. This edition has been expanded from the original volume, published in 1999, to include six generations, with vital records of the seventh generation, and the names and relationships of the eighth generation. It also includes corrections and additions; most of these revisions concern the descendants of William’s second son, Nathaniel Bonnell. A full name index adds to the value of this work.


William R. Austin


2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 526 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444937