The Narragansett Historical Register, Volume 7


Genealogical Papers: One Line of the Power Family; One Line of the Weeden Family; The Wilcox Family; The Torrey Family; Notes on the Hopkins Family; A Few Wills of Newport Women; and more. Historical Papers: The Rhode Island Judiciary; Newport in 1842; The Grave of the First White Woman born in New England; Further Reminiscences of the Pawtuxet Valley; The Petition of Weounkkass; and others. Historical Notes: First Town Council of So. Kingston; First Rate Makers of So. Kingston; A Revolutionary Incident; and more. Editorial Notes: The Arnold Family; Ancestry of 33 Rhode Islanders; Epitaphs of Dedham, MA; Ballou Genealogy; Potter Genealogy; Compendium of Tenth Census; A Genealogy of the Farnham Family. Also a section of Poetry.

James N. Arnold, Editor

(1889) reprint, paper, indices, 432 pp.

ISBN: 9780788405358