The History of Wells and Kennebunk [Maine] from the Earliest Settlement to the Year 1820


At Which Time Kennebunk Was Set Off, and Incorporated, with Biographical Sketches

An insightful look into the history and development of Wells and Kennebunk, Maine, can be found in this publication. Along with biographical sketches, this extensive work covers a wide range of subjects, including the first settlements, land grants, early churches and roads, opposition to the jurisdiction of Massachusetts, King Phillip’s War, the court system, King William’s War, Queen Ann’s War, Lovewell’s War, the Meeting House, expedition of Louisburg, the introduction of intoxicating liquors, taxation of colonies, the Revolutionary War, navigation, the Jay Treaty, agriculture, industry, and military history. A full-name and subject index adds to the value of this work.

Edward E. Bourne, LL.D.

(1875, ?), 2023, 5½x8½, case-laminate, index, 828 pp.

ISBN: 9780917890437