How to Write Your Personal & Family History: A Resource Manual

SKU: 101-B0143
How to Write Your Personal & Family History: A Resource Manual - Keith E. Banks. This is the book for everyone who wants to start working on their family or personal history but is intimidated by genealogical forms, charts and jargon. As the author explains, "There are no rules that must be observed, nor is there any 'accepted' way of doing [your family history]. One doesn't need years of education to become a family historian." This exciting and inspiring new guide provides "scores of ideas on how to compile, write, record, and pass on the record of your life to future generations." By following the guidance in this volume anyone can begin today to collect and preserve their family history, starting with very simple and modest projects that will culminate in a family treasure. The author discusses "creative ways of keeping a journal…, setting up family archives, writing a chronology, creating pictorial histories, preserving important family documents, conducting and transcribing oral histories,…" and a multitude of other ideas, including suggestions such as: new traditions to begin with your family, how to help children create their own personal histories, and simple methods of reproduction and binding for those wishing to share their lives in book form with others. The book includes numerous photos, charts, and sample documents which provide illuminating examples of the various projects described in the text. Keith Banks' How to Write Your Personal & Family History is a long-awaited treasure. Finally, the interesting lives of ordinary people might be kept for posterity, by the people themselves. I recommend this book to anyone who's led a life, or plans to.-Tom Bodett (author, commentator, ordinary person) (1988), 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 240 pp. 101-B0143 ISBN: 1556131437