History of Brown County, Ohio: County and Township Histories [Parts III and IV from the original]


In 1876, Congress issued a joint resolution recommending the preparation of local histories of every town and county for preservation in the Library of Congress. The W. H. Beers & Co. publishing house was a prolific producer of such histories. This volume contains Part III and Part IV of the original five part work. Part III, History of Brown County offers accounts of physical features and pre-historic remains, adventures and conflicts with the Indians, pioneer history, civil organizations, general progress of the county, churches, military history, sketches of distinguished citizens, a list of officers, and much more. Part IV, Township Histories covers the following townships: Pleasant, Union, Lewis, Perry, Huntington, Clark, Franklin, Pike, Eagle, Jefferson, Scott, Green, Jackson, Washington, Sterling, and Byrd. A map of Brown County and a surname index add to the value of this work. From the original 1883 publication, which ran over 1,000 pages, Heritage Books, Inc. has also reprinted Part V, a collection of nearly 1,000 biographical sketches of prominent men in each of the Brown County townships; Parts I and II of the original book, which contain stock histories of the Northwest Territory and the state of Ohio, have not been reprinted.

W. H. Beers & Co.

(1883, 1995), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 534 pp.

ISBN: 9780788402715