Pasquotank County, North Carolina Record of Deed, 1700-1751


This useful volume contains detailed abstracts of all the deeds recorded in Pasquotank County between 1700 and 1751. It includes all the material from Books A and B, and that part of Book C which pertains to this time period. There is a complete index to all the names of people and places, as well as some topical headings. “In the index, all abbreviated given names are written out if the meaning is clear from another entry.” Chapters include: Deed Book A: 1-412 (1700–1728); Deed Book C: 222-391 (1729–1735); Deed Book B: 181-551 (1735–1745); Deed Book A: 412-454 (1746–1747); and, Deed Book B: 1-181 (1747–1751).


Gwen Boyer Bjorkman


(1990), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, index, 502 pp.

ISBN: 9781556133084