The Old Free State [2 volumes]

The Old Free State,
A Contribution to the History of Lunenburg County and Southside Virginia
Landon C. Bell


This thorough history of Lunenburg County begins with the colony of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 and its interaction with the native Croatoan Indians, covers the county’s creation in 1746, and continues through the dynamic time after the Civil War when many people were faced with social and economic change. Information includes such items as land grant records dating from 1726 to 1789, which list the name of the owner, date and amount of land granted, and a brief description of the land and its location; the county’s participation in the French and Indian wars, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War (slavery is discussed in depth); the courts and early churches; and lists of local lawmakers, members of the General Assembly, delegates and senators, with brief biographies. Nearly 300 pages are devoted to genealogies covering about thirty Lunenburg families, along with abstracts of marriage bonds from 1746 to 1850. Records include the names of husband and wife (maiden name, places of birth and death when available), date(s) of marriage and death, names and dates of their children’s births and deaths. Also included are three appendices, maps and a name, place and subject index. This set is an important research tool for those seeking ancestors in Lunenburg County and Southside, Virginia. Historians will also appreciate the wide ranging social history of a country in transition.

(1927, 1996, 2011), 2020, 5½x8½, paper, 2 vols., 1286 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404108