Annals of St. Louis in its Territorial Days From 1804 to 1821


Annals of St. Louis in its Territorial Days From 1804 to 1821 - Frederic L. Billon. This volume is presented in three main parts: Historical, Business Notices and Biographical. The historical section, comprising approximately 100 pages, begins with the establishment of the governing body after the Louisiana Purchase. It then moves on to the survey and establishment of St. Louis, legislative sessions, first post office, Daniel Boone, the Missouri Gazette, churches, the Yellowstone Expedition and more. The fifty-page “Business Notices” from the files of the Missouri Gazette reveals the names and occupations of the early residents of St. Louis, 1808–1820. The biographical section, making up approximately half of this volume, is a series of short sketches, each of which ends with a list of descendants. This volume also contains a seventy-page appendix which includes a collection of miscellaneous material, for example, the treaty by which France ceded Louisiana to the United States, and several more biographical sketches, including Gov. Meriwether Lewis, Gen. William Clark, Gen. Zebulon Pike and others. There is a “Historical Index” as well as an every-name index. (1888, 1997), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 490 pp.

ISBN: 9780788406911