The Ancestry of Mayor Harold Washington (1922-1987)


As Chicago’s first African-American mayor, Harold Lee Washington led the city to “a new age when the government truly served all of its citizens, not just a select few.” This is the first book to look at the major formative influence of his life: his family. From Isam Washington, a former slave who mustered in the 8th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery; to Isam McDaniel (Mack) who moved the family to Illinois; to Harold’s father Roy, an attorney; to, finally, Harold himself, his military service in the Pacific, his studies at Northwestern University Law School, and the start of his political career culminating in his election to mayor. The book is also a guide to others interested in researching Black family history; the second half is devoted to an explanation of the author’s research and methodology.

Appendices include: A Brief History of Ballard County; Civilian Conservation Corps Records of Harold Washington; Military Service Records of Harold Washington; and, Harold Washington’s Ancestry, Place Sorted List. Numerous photographs and genealogical documents, tables, a pedigree chart of Harold Lee Washington, and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Curtis G. Brasfield

(1993), 2014, 8½x11, paper, index, 130 pp
ISBN: 9781556137501