Marriage Notices from Extant Issues of "The Rockingham Register," Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1822-1870


The Rockingham Weekly Register began publication in July 1822. Although not many of the earliest issues have survived, those that have were tracked down by the author in the collections of the University of Virginia, Duke University, historical societies, private collectors, and local family members.

During its lifetime, the Rockingham Weekly Register, generally referred to as the Rockingham Register, enjoyed wide circulation throughout the Shenandoah Valley, including parts of what is now West Virginia.

The author has arranged all surnames she found in the marriage notices in alphabetical order: the bride’s maiden name is followed by a cross-reference to the groom’s surname; the groom’s name is followed by a transcription of the notice itself.
Entries typically give the date and place of the wedding; the name of the priest performing the ceremony; the full name of the groom and his place of residence; the full name of the bride, her place of residence and the full name of her father. The author has added the date the notice appeared in the Register, plus the page and column numbers.

Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush

(1993, 2011), 2024, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 504 pp
ISBN: 9781556138225