Thunder Over New England: Benjamin Bonnell, The Loyalist, A Loyalist Story and Family Genealogy Including Other Loyalist Bunnell/Bonnell Genealogies


This is the one that started it all! Paul’s first book, Thunder Over New England, was originally published in 1988 and comprised 103 pages. It had a great sales track record through the years. This new edition contains a large amount of added historical facts, genealogy and index. Chased out of New Jersey for helping the British pass counterfeit money, Benjamin Bonnell and family flee to New York City as refugees. There, he signs up with Brigadier General Benedict Arnold in his special bodyguard unit, The American Legion, and they go on to destroy New London and Fort Griswold, Connecticut in 1781. In 1783, a defeated lot, the Loyalists leave New York City in the “Great Exodus,” heading for Nova Scotia to start a new life in a hostile wilderness. This story would make a great movie about our forgotten Americans. Step aside, “The Patriot;” here comes “The Loyalist!” Besides telling a valuable story for Loyalist descendants, this book contains many names of other Loyalists and some Patriots, including other Bunnell/Bonnell Loyalists and their genealogies and historical facts. And let us not forget about the famous encounter with Ben’s ghost in 1985 and all the other strange events that followed, all updated and included in this new edition of 322 pages.

Paul J. Bunnell, FACG, UE

2003, 5½x8½, paper, index, 344 pp. 

ISBN: 9781585498505