A History of the Barclay Family, Parts 1 and 2


This volume offers a very readable history that goes beyond the Barclay family to include discussions of political, social and religious issues of the times, as well as significant historical events. Part one, from 1066–1924, shows the connection of the early Scottish Berkeleys with the ancient Gloucestershire Berkeleys, and proves that the Berkeleys may trace their descent to a true Norman stock. It includes a list of the original documents and other sources of information upon which the history is based, origins of the name Berkeley, biographical sketches of prominent Berkeleys from the year 1066 to 1405, various forms of the name Barclay, and more. Part Two covers the Barclays in Scotland from 1067 to 1660. Contents include the Barclay tradition, 1069–1165; the Gartley line, 1165–1262 and 1296–1735; the Towie line, 1069–1324 and 1318–1761; the Brechin line, 1282–1404; the Mathers line, 1351–1660; the Barclays of Knockleith, 1576–1933; the Russian Barclays de Tolly, 1621–1933; the Collairnie line, 1350–1933, and the Barclays of the West Country, 1258–1933. This edition of two-volumes-in-one contains pedigree charts, illustrations of arms, seals, effigies and other items pertinent to the family.

Rev. Charles W. Barclay and Lt. Col. Hubert F. Barclay

(1924, 1933, 2003), 2015, 6x9, paper, 2 vol. in one, 566 pp.

ISBN: 9781585498581