Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania

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Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania - Charles H. Browning. Rich in historical and genealogical material about these New World pioneers and their descendants. The first Welsh Quaker families arrived in 1682. Old manuscript records trace the establishment of the Welsh Tract through deeds, maps, account ledgers and biographical sketches. The histories of these "noble and gentle Welsh families" are also told through letters and records of monthly meetings. Genealogists will find plenty of names in the property descriptions and the lists of meeting house subscriptions; some genealogical info extends into the late 1800s. Historians will appreciate the detailed accounts of the daily life, customs and traditions of the original inhabitants of the Welsh Tract. (1912) reprint. (1912), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 630 pp. 101-B1063 ISBN: 0788410636