Guns Up, Depth Charges Readied

U.S. Navy, Commonwealth, and Other Allied Escort Ships Shepherding Convoys, and Battling German and Italian Air and Naval Forces in the Mediterranean in World War II

During the deadly Battle of the Mediterranean fought from 10 June 1940 to 2 May 1945, sailors aboard Allied ships faced daily threat of attack by Italian or German aircraft at daybreak and dusk; by enemy submarines at any time; and by coastal forces when operating near shore. The Royal Navy, facing the powerful Italian Navy supported by German naval and air forces, called on Commonwealth and other Allied navies for assistance. Australia sent ships, as did South Africa, and Canada. The United States joined with naval and air units in 1942. Small forces from exiled navies also fought bravely, including those from Poland. While capital warships sought fleet actions with the Italian Navy, smaller vessels assigned to convoy escort duties engaged waves of attacking enemy aircraft with naval gunfire, and countered submarine attacks with depth charges. One hundred seventy-eight photographs, maps, and diagrams; appendices; and an index to full names, places, and subjects add value to this work.

2021, 6x9, paper, index, 432 pp. 

 ISBN: 9780788411496