The Story of Old Saratoga: The Burgoyne Campaign, to which is added New York's Share in the Revolution

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The Story of Old Saratoga: The Burgoyne Campaign, to which is added New York's Share in the Revolution - John Henry Brandow. Overflowing with details and anecdotes that are absent from most other historical works, this is anything but a dry or boring text. Even though most of this material was gleaned from archival documents, primary sources and journal accounts, the author has infused this work with a lively style that is sure to captivate any reader with even a remote interest in New York or Revolutionary War history. The book is divided into three parts that are inexorably interwoven: Military History, Civil History and New York's Share in the Revolution. Approximately one quarter of this book deals exclusively with Burgoyne's campaign in 1777. The way is paved with a colorful presentation of earlier events: discovery and settlement of Old Saratoga, origin of the name, old Indian trails, the destruction of Schenectady and return blows, Queen Anne's War, King George's War, the destruction of Saratoga, Indian captives, Fort Clinton, the French and Indian War, the murder of Jane McCrea, causes of the Revolution, Indian atrocities, the battles of Oriskany and Bennington, General Gates, the Conway cabal, and numerous Revolutionary War anecdotes. The historical narrative is further supplemented by guides to the battlefield and historic Saratoga, or Schuylerville, with maps. Post-Revolution topics include the War of 1812 and Civil War, growth of villages, advent of the canal, its effect, and the coming of railroads. The author discusses the differentiation of New York from New England regarding its geographic, economic and demographic contributions to the Revolution. Much attention is also focused on the influential Schuyler family. Many famous historical figures and their deeds are discussed, including the heroism of John Stark at Bennington and Saratoga, the daring charge of Benedict Arnold at Saratoga, and Alexander Hamilton's role in the formation of the Constitutional Convention. (1919, 2000), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 576 pp. 101-B1510 ISBN: 0788415107