Mason County, Kentucky Wills and Estates

This Mason County book contains the years 1791–1832. To fully appreciate the data, it is important to know the genealogy of the county.

Mason was formed in 1789 from Bourbon County. Bourbon had been established in 1785 from part of Fayette County, Virginia, which had originally encompassed thirty-four of Kentucky’s counties. Bourbon became Bourbon County, Kentucky, with the state’s formation in 1792.

Mason became the parent county of Campbell, Bracken, Robertson, Fleming, Lewis, Greenup, Carter, Rowan, Elliott, Boyd, Morgan, Lawrence, Johnson, Martin, Pike, and Floyd Counties. Parts of Pendleton and Magoffin were also formed. By 1800, Mason contained Lewis, Greenup, Carter, Boyd and Elliott with a part of Lawrence. And, by 1810, the county was nearly as it is today.

Each entry contains the name of the individual and type of instrument, the volume and page, the date of the instrument, and the date it was recorded. A full-name index and an index of slave names add to the value of this work.


Jana Sloan Broglin


2022, 8½x11, paper, index, 508 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419317