Colonial Times on Buzzard's Bay


Buzzard’s Bay is located in the Southeastern section of Massachusetts, and consists of more than 280 miles of coastline. A reflection of the life and spirit of colonial times, this work has a distinct flavor all its own. Beginning with the first settlers on the shores of Buzzard’s Bay, the author describes the interesting nature of these hard working, fair-minded and frugal people. He follows their history up until the coming of a railroad into the same region.

A number of different resources were utilized in the preparation of this work. They including: The Records of the Rochester Propriety, beginning in the year 1679; The Agawame Booke of Records, beginning in 1685; The Records of Rochestertown, beginning in 1694; The Records of the Church and Town Wareham, beginning in 1739; The Diary and Account book of Israel Fearing of Agawame From 1720-1754. There can be found within the covers sixteen chapters on the following topics: The Lands of Sippican; The Agawame Plantation; Colonial Farmers; The Squire; The Birth of a Town; The Town’s Mind; Impressments for the King; The Town’s Meeting-House; A Sunday Morning in 1771; The Town’s Minister; The Town’s Schoolmaster; Town Life in the Revolution; Town Life After the War; The British Raid; The Town’s Bass-Viol (the controversy over an instrument - whether or not it should be used during worship services); and Final Transformations.

Clearly written and interesting, this work contains illustrations, a map and a new fullname and subject index.

William Root Bliss

(1889), 2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 246 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421488