Leading By Example, Partisan Fighters and Leaders of New France, 1660-1760: Volume 2


Volume Two covers Daniel Greysolon DuLuth, Madeleine Vercheres, St. Luc de la Corne, Daniel Beaujeu and Jean-Daniel Dumas, with a brief chapter on native foods for wilderness survival.

“The partisan leaders have vanished forever, like the prints of their snowshoes and the swirls of their paddles. The accounts of their lives must not.” Bob Bearor is a person whom I refer to as a “trekker’s Trekker.” He possesses a focus that not only encompasses the written work, but also the experience that hands-on learning can bring. Taken together, these two facets create great reading. Bearor’s latest works deal with the mostly forgotten partisan leaders of New France during the French and Indian War period. These fighters early on adopted North American Indian tactics and became masters of “la petite guerre.” Another interesting point is Bob’s chapter on modern-day trekking and how it relates to the study of history. Woodland experience is essential to understanding the North American eighteenth-century mind. Without it we merely read the words of an author. With it, you possess a three-dimensional portrait of reality. - Tim Shaw. On The Trail magazine.

History often overlooks the brave exploits of the leaders of lost causes. Blazing a new trail, author Bob Bearor has revived the memory of heroic French woods fighters that he acclaims in his three books about French Partisan Fighters and Leaders of New France, 1660-1760. His stirring portrayals of little known leaders clearly Demonstrate that, despite overwhelming British power, there were partisan leaders that often routed superior British forces during the mini-war in the forest. Bearor's narrative style has an authentic quality that is the mark of an experienced woodsman and wilderness guide. Congratulations, Bob, for bringing to life the bravery, ingenuity and tenacity of these early French Partisan Leaders. - Alfred E. Kayworth, author, Abenaki Warrior-The Life and Times of Chief Escumbuit, Legends of the Pond-Stories of Big Island Pond, and The Scalp Hunters, with co-author, Raymond Potvin.

Bob Bearor

(2003), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 152 pp.

ISBN: 9780788423482