Hesse-Hanau Order Books, A Diary and Roster


A Collection of Items Concerning the Hesse-Hanau Contingent of "Hessians" Fighting Against the American Colonists in the Revolutionary War

Mr. Burgoyne continues to add to our knowledge of the Germans' participation in the Revolutionary War. Although these auxiliary soldiers came from many different areas of Germany, they were generally lumped together under the term "Hessians." They fought as auxiliary soldiers on the side of the British and against the American colonists who were attempting to gain independence from the Mother Country. Four items are contained in this new collection. An anonymous diary that is believed to have been written by Paul Wilhelm Schefer, Auditor of the Hesse-Hanau Hereditary Prince Regiment. The Order Book of General von Gall, Colonel and Commandant of the Hesse-Hanau troops serving in Canada. The Order Book of the Hesse-Hanau (Hereditary Prince) Regiment. Rosters of the Hesse-Hanau Infantry Regiment and the Jaeger Corps prepared by Colonel Charles Rainsford, English Commissary Officer in Holland. Together, these items provide additional views on the vagaries and difficulties of military life in a distant land in the eighteenth century, and identify hundreds of names of soldiers and officers.

Mr. Burgoyne is a recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Revolution Roundtable of Philadelphia.

Bruce E. Burgoyne

(2003), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 312 pp.

ISBN: 9780788424618