Order Book of the Hesse-Cassel von Mirbach Regiment


The order book is an excellent source of information on promotions and transfers throughout the Hessian army, and provides a picture of the daily life in an infantry regiment. It also reveals detailed accounts of battle plans, drill instructions, disciplinary actions, and general procedures, and follows the Revolutionary War from the Hessian perspective. Many well known British and Hessian commanders are named in the orders, in addition to the lesser officers who were the real backbone of this rugged, disciplined force. The Mirbach Regiment was part of the 1st Division of Hesse-Cassel troops which sailed for America in 1776, and it remained in America until the end of the war. Its most significant role in combat was during the attack on Fort Mercer in New Jersey in October 1777, when the regiment took serious losses. The Order Book ends in 1780 at which time the unit was redesignated the Jung von Lossberg Regiment.

Bruce E. Burgoyne

2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 302 pp.

ISBN: 9780788425301