Additions and Corrections to the W.P.A. Inventory of Fulton County, Ohio: Wauseon


Winner of the Ohio Genealogical Society 2024 US Grant Award for a Finding/Research Aid

Established in 1935, the Works Projects Administration (later Works Progress Administration) was developed to aid the out-of-work after the stock market crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression. The Federal Writers’ Project (Federal Project Number One) created jobs for unemployed librarians, clerks, researchers, editors, and historians. One of the many projects was the series titled "Inventory of the County Archives of Ohio."

The original WPA project was authorized and completed for Fulton County in 1938 as ascertained from the documentation within the original book. The inventory appears to be a draft copy as there are penciled in notations including dates for 1940 and 1941. Additional information is included in this revised edition such as the condition and location of the books or files, and a brief history of the local Common Pleas Court including information written by Mary Gype, a former Clerk of Courts.

This edition for Fulton County contains updated and expanded information. It consists of four parts: (1) Inventory of the County Archives; (2) Villages, Towns, Cities; (3) Churches, and (4) Cemeteries. The records of each of the county offices, and a description of each, give an insight to records that were extant as of 1938. The information herein is verbatim except for obvious spelling errors.

Included are Legal terms - Definitions; Addresses and Websites; and Non-Governmental Addresses and Websites. A full-name index adds to the value of this work.

Jana Sloan Broglin

2023, 6x9, paper, index, 506 pp.

ISBN: 9780788428104