Additions and Corrections to the W.P.A. Inventory of Adams County, Ohio: West Union


Established in 1935, the Works Projects Administration (later Works Progress Administration) was developed to aid the out-of-work after the stock market crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression. The Federal Writers’ Project (Federal Project Number One) created jobs for unemployed librarians, clerks, researchers, editors, and historians. One of the many projects was the series titled "Inventory of the County Archives of Ohio."

The Historical Records Survey was inaugurated in Adams County in May 1936, under the immediate supervision of George Reacher, and the final careful rechecking of the county records was completed by Reacher in July 1938. The wholehearted cooperation of the county officials with the project workers has meant much in the thoroughness and completeness of the result. Members of the state editorial staff of the Historical Records Survey, under the supervision of Miss Winifred Smith, State Editor, compiled, arranged, indexed, edited, and reproduced the volume for distribution among public and semipublic institutions and organizations. The research for the historical data was conducted by Dr. Edward L. Pross of the project. Dr. James H. Rodabaugh, also of the project staff, prepared the maps showing the evolution of Ohio judicial districts.

This edition for Adams County contains updated and expanded information. The records of each of the county offices, and a description of each, give an insight to records that were extant as of 1938. The information herein is verbatim except for obvious spelling errors. Included are Abbreviations, Legal Terms, Symbols, and Explanatory Notes; Selected Bibliography for County History and Office Essays; List of County Officials; and Addresses and Websites. An index to inventory entries adds to the value of this work.

Jana Sloan Broglin

2023, 6x9, paper, index, 300 pp.

ISBN: 9780788428777