The Ailes Family of Ailston, Pennsylvania


The Story of "The Home Place," of William Elvy Ailes and Martha Jane Carrick Ailes, and Three Generations of Their Descendants

On April 1, 1870, William Elvy Ailes purchased a 172-acre farm in Peach Bottom Township, York County, Pennsylvania. William and his wife Martha Jane Carrick Ailes lived and farmed there for the next fifty years, raising a family of eight sons and one daughter. The farm as been in the Ailes family for over 150 years.

This book is about "The Home Place" and the generations that passed it down to us. It starts with three generations of Quakers who lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and their descendants, a mason named Amos Ailies who lived in the village of Fairfield in Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania across the Susquehanna River from "The Home Place." Amos's son William was the father of William Elvy Ailes, who was born and raised ni Drumore Township, served in the Civil War, married Martha Jane Carrick, and then bought "The Home Place" in 1870, where he lived for the rest of his life.

John H. Beakes, Jr.

2023, cloth, color throughout, 204 pp.

ISBN: 9780788429996