Military History of Waterville, Maine


This publication covers the military past of Waterville, Maine, and records of soldiers in the several wars of the republic. The author first describes Waterville during the Civil War, giving details of early recruitment and the organization of military companies, to the close of the war and its devastating impact. An alphabetical list of all soldiers from Waterville who served in the Civil War is included in this section. He then recounts Waterville’s involvement in the War of 1812 and The Aroostook War, along with rosters of soldiers who served in each. An overview of the county’s role in the War with Spain is also provided, as well as a list of soldiers who fought in the Philippine War. Finally, several Waterville soldiers who served in the regular army and navy, along with a summary of their military background conclude this work.

Brevet Brig. General Isaac S. Bangs

(1902), 2024, 5½x8½, paper, 78 pp.

ISBN: 9780788431289