Guide to Selections from the Montgomery County Sentinel, Maryland, January 1, 1856-December 31, 1875


The Montgomery County Sentinel was first published as a weekly newspaper in 1855 by Matthew Fields and has been continuously published, with brief interruptions until the present. The early focus of the paper was on advertising and politics, with relatively little space devoted to local news. News articles were usually brief and to the point without elaboration. On two occasions, once before and once during the Civil War, the paper suffered brief interruptions while Matthew Fields, a Southern sympathizer, was held by Union military forces. Following the war, publication was continued by Mr. Fields or his family until it was sold in 1932. This compilation of selected Montgomery County Sentinel extracts is taken from available microfilm records. Marriages, deaths, lists of undelivered letters, civil appointments, voters, jurors, road notices, significant events-these records are a goldmine of names and dates, with the added benefit of an index to names, places, and subjects. Unfortunately, many weekly issues are missing and some existing copies are illegible due to damage. Two-thirds of the issues for the years 1860 through 1865 are missing, and there are no issues for the years 1867, 1869, and 1870, with only one issue in the year 1868 and three in 1871. This book is a valuable resource for anyone researching the Montgomery County area. Is your missing relative hiding in these pages?


John D. Bowman


2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 244 pp.

ISBN: 9780788431814