North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color: Pasquotank County


North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color: Pasquotank County - William L. Byrd III. These pages contain a wealth of information transcribed from obscure and fragile, original documents housed at the North Carolina State Archives. Every attempt has been made to transcribe the complete collection, including partial or fragmented documents. Papers were listed under the general headings of "Slaves and Free Negroes," "Slaves and Free Persons of Color," and "Miscellaneous Records." Pasquotank County, named after a local Indian Tribe, was formed in 1670 as a precinct of Albemarle County. It was bounded by Albemarle Sound and the counties of: Perquimans, Gates, and Camden. Elizabeth City was named as the county seat in 1800 and has continued to be the county seat since that time. Interactions between Blacks and Whites are displayed on both an antagonistic and intimate level, and are dramatically played out through crime and punishment. Criminal cases are filled with intrigue-murder, felonies, trading with slaves and harboring slaves. Records are grouped by category, including: Petitions to Sell or Divide Slaves, Civil Actions, Concealment of a Slave, Patrol Records, Insurrection Papers, Negroes Taken Up, Criminal Actions, Bills of Sale, and Miscellaneous Records. A table of cases for criminal and civil actions, a full name index, and a glossary of legal terms augment this work. Anyone researching this area will want to add this rich catalog of names to their library. This is the tenth volume in the North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons Of Color series. 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 460 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432842