The Book of Banning


The Book of Banning - Lisa Van Schaick-Banning. The Book of Banning is a collection of biographical sketches of the numerous well-known Bannings throughout the centuries, a closer look at who these people were and what their influence was on the society they lived in. There is considerable history, in order to place the persons in their proper context. This volume is richly illustrated and includes paintings catalogued and held largely by European museums. The introduction concerns the history (from the seventh century), etymology and origin of the name, and a summary of the genealogies. A great deal of the information presented on these pages was gleaned from Josephus Alphonsus Willibrordus Banning's 1934 genealogy (published in the Netherlands) which, to date, has been unavailable to English-speaking persons. Without access to this volume, Banning heritage beyond American emigration is often inaccessible. Considerable focus is placed on the Amsterdam Bannings, of which Captain Frans Banning Cocq of the Nightwatch by Rembrandt was only one. The Amsterdam Bannings were a prominent and well-established patrician family in the Netherlands between the fifteenth and the eighteenth centuries, however, other European Bannings, British, and also American Bannings are included. The content has been extensively and carefully researched. Sources have been checked and double-checked, and where facts have not been verified, this is specified. The Book of Banning will hold special appeal for readers and researchers of genealogy, history, and art. (2005), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 426 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432866