Hessian Letters and Journals and A Memoir

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Hessian Letters and Journals and A Memoir - Bruce E. Burgoyne. In 1776, Johannes Maurer, a surgeon in the Treumbach Regiment, wrote a long multi-part letter describing the confusion during the boarding of transport ships at the mouth of the Weser River. Christian von Molitor's letter describes the land, animals, temperatures and other conditions experienced by the Hessian soldiers in and around New York in 1777. Molitor also kept a journal and told of the dangers and experiences of the ocean crossing the Hessians faced as they sailed to America to fight for the British. Johann Heinrich Henkelmann's letter describes something of his life in Nova Scotia after he married an American. The unauthenticated Recknagel diary gives a version of the Battle of Rhode Island. The memoir by Carl Steuernagel recalls his experiences in America in the Waldeck Regiment from 1776 until 1783. Curiously, this memoir also includes an interesting paper written by an Indian chief to the governor of Nova Scotia. 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 214 pp. 101-B3842 ISBN: 0788438425