Oakdale/Union Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, North Carolina: A History and Study of a Twentieth Century African American Cemetery, Second Edition


This revised two-part illustrated reference book is the product of a thirty-two month study of an African American graveyard that contains over 1,600 burials. The cemetery is situated on Union Hill in Salisbury, North Carolina, which was a burial site prior to its official opening in 1903. Its opening provided a location for remains removed from the construction site of a downtown street and a final resting place for many of Salisbury's black citizens until 1995. Three of Part One's features are: a brief colonial history of the area around the hill; a chain of title beginning in 1761 with the establishment of a grist mill plantation; and an examination of the historical connection between the cemetery, Salisbury, Rowan County, and Livingstone College. Part Two contains indexed burial records and a grave locating system to be used when visiting the cemetery. Photographs of a marker and the deceased enhance each record that also contains (when available): inscriptions, occupation, date of death, name of informant, place of birth, and name of parents. Primary causes of death are provided in one of the appendices. Maps, illustrations, a burial index, a book index, and a bibliography are included.

Reginald W. Brown

2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 304 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447600