Der Praktische Deutsche


The aim of this book is to “provide the material necessary to enable the learner to converse with Germans in their language, and to arrange it in such an order that the study will be pleasurable as well as profitable. The book does not claim to contain a complete grammatical treatise, nor is it intended for self-instruction.” It is “intended mainly as a guide to the spoken language.” Paul Bercy’s well-regarded Le Français Pratique, popular with both teachers and students of French, was commended for achieving “excellent results” in the classroom. This German textbook is “constructed on the same plan,” modified to fit the needs of students of the German language. This book’s particular merits include “a greater variety of practical terms and phraseology used in German conversation than any other book of the same size;” “new orthography;” and exercises which “are printed in a type already familiar to the beginner.” The majority of this volume is printed in German; however, it opens with a preface written in English, and ends with a brief, alphabetically arranged German-to-English translation of frequently-used words. “The first exercises in this book have been printed in both the English and the so-called German type.”


U. Jos. Beiley


(1898), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, 254 pp.

ISBN: 9780788452833