To Seize Their Lands: Manifest Destiny in Washington State


The inauguration of Thomas Jefferson set into motion numerous government policies, collectively known as Manifest Destiny, that were designed to seize, expand and defend the western frontiers of the United States. The prize was the Pacific Northwest because of its location and vast resources. Claims were made on this region by Spain, Great Britain and ultimately the United States. The native inhabitants’ world would soon fall to pieces as it was foretold.

This book examines significant events, from the impact of ash falling on the Indians of the Columbia Plateau in 1800, the origins and battles of the Yakama War, establishment of boundaries, numerous treaties and finally peace to the land in the late 1800s. This is not a complete history of the conquest of Washington Territory; however, it is a handy guide for anyone interested in the early military history of Washington State. Sites in Oregon and Idaho are included as they were integral parts of the wars in Washington Territory. A guide to the sites and personnel of the Washington Territory Indian Wars, a military timeline, photos of historical sites, selected treaties and a bibliography enhance the text.

Guy Breshears

(2011), 2018, 6x9, paper, 212 pp.

ISBN: 9780788453052