Sword and Scalpel: The Life of Edward Hand of Lancaster


Edward Hand of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, will long be remembered as a fervent patriot and as a distinguished, heroic, high-level officer of the American Revolution, whose contribution to the birth of the country was immense. He will also be remembered as a prominent citizen of the city of Lancaster and as a very popular and highly celebrated physician, who pioneered in the quarantine hospital and in the smallpox inoculation. His name refers all to both the United States Congress and to the Pennsylvania State Assembly. Many will revere him as a Pennsylvania farmer, devoted to the health of the soil. His concern for others and his devotion to his immediate family and to his larger family is most impressive.

Chapters include: “The New World,” “The Gathering Storm,” “Cambridge and Boston,” “New York City,” “The New Jersey Campaign,” “Fort Pitt,” “Wyoming,” “The Sullivan Expedition,” “Yorktown,” “Newburgh and New Windsor,” “Lancaster,” “Rock Ford,” and an “Afterword.” A chronology, numerous illustrations, two appendices (“The Hanging of John André” and “The Edward Hand Plum”) and an index to full-names, places and subjects add to the value of this work.

William W. Betts, Jr.

2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 386 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455711