Delaware River: America's Historic, Scenic, and Working Waterway


The main purpose of this book is to educate readers on the Delaware River as an important natural resource, show how it provides many recreational opportunities, explicate its critical impact on the local and national economy, and explain how the river represents a huge part of America’s history. This is a general guide filled with valuable information about the Delaware River’s tributaries, region, ecosystem, pollution issues, and crossings, which shows how important the Delaware River is as a crucial, natural resource used by fish, other wildlife, and humans. It is also a guide for residents and visitors who wish to participate in recreation and see or experience the river’s greenways, trails, parks, and other attractions.

A detailed discussion of the Delaware River is arranged by region: Upper Delaware, Middle Delaware, Lower Delaware, Delaware River Highlands, Kittatinny Mountain Region, Delaware Valley, and some tributaries. Individual chapters are devoted to the examination of: wetlands, aquatic plants, fish, other wildlife, and its overall ecosystem, Delaware River’s pollution issues, preventative measures/solutions and flood/climate concerns, crossings (bridges) of the Delaware River, trails (water and land), greenways, parks, historic attractions and recreation on the Delaware River, some historical highlights of the Delaware River itself, its navigational system, towns, region, geology, landscape, and ecosystem, and the author’s summary. Numerous photographs enhance the text.

John Bernardo

2016, 6x9, paper, 196 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457128