Quincy, Illinois Immigrants From Lippe, Germany


Starting in the 1850s, the number of Niederdeutsch immigrants from Westphalia, Germany, greatly increased while the immigration from southern Germany was proportionately lower. In the process of researching his ancestors, the author concluded that the majority of Quincy’s German immigrants were Niederdeutsch (low Germans). While none of Brinkman’s ancestors came from Lippe, he became interested in the migration of Niederdeutsch to Quincy, which resulted in this book, which lists the German immigrants in Quincy, who came from Lippe, Germany.

An introduction precedes the biographies, which includes: Description and Short History of Lippe; Maps of Fürstentum Lippe and Westphalia; Other Lippes; Map of Germany; Organization of Lippe Government; Migration to Quincy from Western Lippe; Direct or Indirect Migration; Pathfinders; Settlement Patterns of Lippe Immigrants; Residence Study; Cluster Settlements in Adams County, Illinois; Marriage Study; Boston Brown Bread and Pumpernickel; German Occupations; and American Occupations.

Biographical entries include: date and place of birth, surname, given name, date of marriage, emigration, town in Germany, death in Quincy, occupation, residence, migration, and sources. A list of sources, a locality index, and a surname index add to the value of this work.

Michael K. Brinkman

2017, 5½x8½, paper, 302 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457883