The Vick Genealogy: The Study of A Southern American Family in White and Black [2 volumes]


Excellence in Publishing a Family Relevant to North Carolina Award

Joseph Vick came to colonial Virginia from England in the 1660s. These volumes, published by the Joseph Vick Family of America, represents a new genre of genealogical writing grounded in the genealogical standards of the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Beatty presents the genealogy of an ordinary colonial Virginia southern family in all its complexity over several centuries using newly accessible documentary evidence interwoven with DNA analysis not available when the first Joseph Vick genealogy was published in 2004. Beatty also includes African-American Vick lines. It describes the complex kinship networks and genetic ties of enslavers, slaves, and their descendants.

Volume One describes the descendants of Joseph Vick of Virginia: Generations One through Four.

Volume Two describes the descendants of Joseph Vick of Virginia: Generations Five through Seven with Free and Formerly Enslaved People.

"John D. Beatty's new history of the family spawned by colonial Virginia's Joseph Vick is gob-smacking in depth and breadth. Newly accessible documentary evidence is interwoven with DNA analysis to resolve longstanding questions and identify parentages in way that were not possible two decades ago when he and the Vick association compiled their first study of the family. Beatty's inclusion of African American Vick lines - those who lived among them, carried the surname, and sometimes carried the genes as well - sets an example of inclusion that is still too rare in modern genealogies." - Elizabeth Shown Mills

John D. Beatty, CG

2023, cloth, 2 volumes, over 1,000 pp.

ISBN: 9788986480405