John Wheelwright


His Writings, Including His Fast-Day Sermon, 1637, and His Mercurius Americanus, 1645; With a Paper Upon the Genuineness of the Indian Deed of 1629, and a Memoir.

When the religious fervor created by John Wheelwright and Anne Hutchison in the Massachusetts Bay Colony became politically troublesome for Governor Winthrop, he had them banished.  Some historians believe that Winthrop and influence among scholars and wealthy colonists to advance his version of events and minimize Wheelwright's popularity. To this day, some New England genealogical historians take sides. There are those who hold a Northern New England (Wheelwright) bias and those who hold a Massachusetts Bay Colony (Winthrop) bias. Bell presents Wheelwright's perspective in this work.


Charles H. Bell


1876, reprint, index, 253 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404818