A History of One Branch of the Beakes Family in America 1682-1996


Begins with the 1682 arrival in Philadelphia of William Beakes, a Quaker farmer from Backwell in Southwestern England. One of William’s four sons married the daughter of the founder of Trenton, New Jersey and their plantation occupied much of what is now downtown Trenton. Samuel Beakes from Pennington, New Jersey, served in the New Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War. One branch of the family moved to the South in the 1700s, and some descendants who use the spelling “Beeks” fought for the Confederacy, while a number named “Beakes” fought for the Union in Units from New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. A later descendant, Edward Johnson Beakes, served for a career in the United States Navy, and among his many letters in this book is his first-hand description of the Battle of Manila Bay.

John H. Beakes, Jr.

1997, 6x9, cloth, index, 96+pp.