Underaged Warriors: Over 600 Stories about the Courage and Hardship of Children Ages 7 to 14 Who Fought in the American Revolution


Nowadays, most people are repulsed by the thought of children going to war. However, in the American colonies in 1775, the concept of youth was entirely different. Boys as young as seven served in the military during the American Revolutionary War. Many were drummers, played the fife, served as waiters to officers, or did chores around camp; others served in the midst of battle as soldiers, spies and scouts. Too often forgotten in the early history of our country, these young boys have an important story to tell. The sacrifice and hardships endured by these boys needs to be preserved and recognized.

This book is about the underage soldiers who served in the American Revolution. Much of the information is in the veteran’s own words as reported to others and recorded in their pension applications. Most of the underage boys who served in the American Revolution applied for pensions in the early 1800s and their pension applications contain fascinating descriptions of battles, military life and famous participants in the war. The vast majority of these applications have been well preserved. The statements are recorded as originally written, in the first person, with no changes to grammar or spelling. A bibliography and a full-name index add to the value of this book.

Jack Darrell Crowder

2018, 6x9, paper, index, 844 pp.

ISBN: 9780940907164